Gary Bazuik

Client Testimonials

Our realtor, Gary Bazuik found us the house of our dreams! Working with Gary was great! He was very knowledgeable, extremely accommodating, low key, but high on energy and commitment in helping us find a house that met all our requirements. We feel that we’ve made a friend along the way and would recommend him to anyone looking to sell or buy a home.

Gary is an excellent realtor who has been totally responsive to the demands that we placed upon him. He was thorough in his research of the market trends at both locations and was meticulous in preparing and providing the necessary documentation to execute the sale of our old house and the purchase of our new house. His calm and personable nature went a long way towards making this an enjoyable, virtually stress free event. I think that Gary has an excellent handle on the Victoria market, and I trust his judgment implicitly. I have and will continue to recommend him highly to others in need of a realtor.

In my opinion, Gary is the ultimate professional realtor to work with. During the sale of our house, he worked with us closely to determine the asking price of the house and timing of the sale. He prepared an aggressive marketing plan that resulted in a quick sale. During sale negotiations, he used his experience to maximize our sale price upwards some 10% over asking price. During our subsequent purchase, he provided us with information about properties we were interested in a very timely manner, arranged walk-throughs to match our schedule and contributed thoughtful insights into our purchase decision. Once we chose our new house, he smoothly quarterbacked us through all the events of the purchase – from presenting and negotiating the offer, arranging and attending an inspection, helping us choose financial options and being there to help with all the little details that make up a successful purchase. Thanks Gary!

Gary Bazuik has represented me on several occasions as both a buyer and a seller in the real estate market. I have come to value very highly the knowledge, experience, and tremendous energy he brings to bear on behalf of his clients. For anyone with property to sell, his understanding of the market in which he operates, and his general understanding of marketing issues make him an excellent choice as a listing agent. His patience, creativity, and common sense also make him an excellent buyer’s agent.

Truly dedicated to finding the right home for the buyer! Gary listens very well to the client and is therefore extremely able to match buyer to home. Gary conducts an ongoing search for a home for the buyer for months. He goes the extra mile to find the right home for the buyer, not just a home. The purchase of a new home and the sale of our current home was absolute seamless. Gary takes the work out of moving.

Gary was our realtor on the purchase and sale of two condos. We received excellent service as Gary really took the time to understand our needs and concerns and worked diligently to make our home transitions as smooth as possible. He is a professional of the highest caliber.

When we first began searching for a place to buy, we didn’t know a thing about the real estate market. A friend told us how satisfied they had been with Gary Bazuik, so we gave him a call. Right from the start it was a great move. Not only was Gary extraordinarily patient, but he also took the time to teach us about the process. This approach made finding our house as stress free as possible. There is no doubt that Gary is in this business because he likes people and likes helping them discover what they like. If the time comes to find a new place, we won’t hesitate to call Gary.

Gary is extremely knowledgeable about the housing market in Victoria and the Cowichan Valley. He is very responsive and not only listens, but understands the feedback he receives from me. He has an excellent network of other professionals (home inspectors, lawyers, etc.) who are all top notch. I would highly recommend Gary to prospective sellers or buyers of real estate on southern Vancouver Island.

Gary was referred to me by a neighbour back in Ottawa who also is a real estate agent. I have sold and bought ten other houses over the past thirty years and I can say without hesitation that Gary’s service is head and shoulders above the other agents I worked with. His attention to detail and re-assuring manner inspired me with confidence from the very first meeting. I would highly recommend (and already have) Gary to anyone looking to relocate to the southern part of Vancouver Island.

We engaged Gary when we were pursuing of a home in Victoria. We had several properties in mind and Gary’s guidance and hard work were indispensable in selecting and closing on just the right one. Gary is a highly ethical and honest realtor who shows a deep and genuine concern for his clients’ best interests. He asked probing questions to ensure that the property truly met our desires and then conducted extensive homework to uncover any “surprises” that may be attached to the home. Unlike most realtors, he presented the offers in person which provided useful insight into the seller’s position and gave a highly personal face to our offer. Gary quickly and effectively negotiated a very satisfactory close to the deal. I am in business where reading people’s values and motives is critical and executing very large deals. In was clear to me that Gary takes his client’s interests to heart and will not compromise their interests nor his values just to make a sale. I was very impressed with his and business ethics and, for future home sales or purchases, would not use anyone other than Gary.

When our daughter decided to buy her own apartment, Mr. Bazuik acted as her realtor. The service he provided was so good that we used Gary for the sale of our own house and purchase of a replacement. Nothing was too much trouble for him and we were totally satisfied.
Barb and Harry

Gary Bazuik is an amazing realtor. We moved here from Calgary and were totally impressed with his personalized service and knowledge of the industry and the area. We have sold one house through him and bought another. In both cases he was exceptional. He always had our best interests in mind. Gary is one of the hardest working professionals we know. We highly recommend him and will continue to use his services in the future.

Gary Bazuik is a man you can trust. What he says is true. What he does is what he says he’s going to do. His work ethic is commendable and he is very knowledgeable. He has saved us a lot of money, both in pricing our home that we sold so we didn’t leave money on the table and in helping us to get the best deal possible when we were purchasing. We highly recommend Gary to all of our friends.

Working with Gary in our search for property was indeed a pleasure. His skill and professional manner were only surpassed by his friendly nature. We definitely will work with him again in the future as our real estate needs arise.

Gary has managed three transactions for us over the last three years. He will manage at least three more over the next year or two. We couldn’t be happier with the professionalism Gary has provided to us. His knowledge of the market has helped us immensely and he worked tirelessly in search of the properties that were just right for us. Likewise when we listed a property for sale. We spell integrity “G-a-r-y B-a-z-u-i-k"!

It has been a pleasure dealing with Gary. He is so diplomatic and has a real “no pressure” style. We have always been more than happy with Gary’s determination and hard work. The stress of buying and selling property is always softened by Gary’s wit. Look forward to working with you again. Thanks Gary!

I found Gary to be very alert to my needs and to make sure that the properties he chose for me to see were ones that were suitable in size and price. I have moved house many times and can honestly say that Gary is an all round professional.