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Buying Real Estate in Victoria, Mill Bay, Cobble Hill and Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia

Purchasing real estate is one of the largest investments a buyer will make. To become a homeowner in Victoria, British Columbia, a buyer must become knowledgeable of all the facts in order to make an optimal purchase. In Victoria and all of British Columbia, real estate can only be purchased with a written, legally binding contract. To begin this process as described below, please call or email me and I will guide you to success.

Choosing the best property is best achieved by first examining affordability. Each of the areas of the Victoria Real Estate Board offers homes which dramatically vary in price according to location. As an experienced realtor I am able to provide you with the information which will maximize both value and lifestyle. I will refer you to a trusted mortgage broker who will, at no cost to you, determine the best financial options you qualify for. Within this price range you can confidently seek properties which will best suit your needs. The mortgage broker will also point out the additional costs of purchasing a home such as property and purchase taxes, inspections, lawyer’s fees, etc so as a buyer, there will be no disappointing surprises. 

Discussing work, hobbies, schools, routines, family and desired amenities will help in choosing the best possible location for your new home. Further discussion of your present and future needs in regards to your dream home, can be a simple way to avoid a nightmare purchase.

As your realtor, my job is to get you the best property for the least amount of money. As well, I will protect your legal and financial interests within our agency relationship. This relationship will be fully explained and adhered to so you will be confident when buying your Victoria home. 

The process of purchasing a home in the Victoria area involves shopping for homes on our computer software programs, researching properties that look promising, making appointments to view homes that may be suitable, and deciding which one best suits your needs. This process may take a short or long time. Market conditions will play a strong role in regards to the number of available properties, how long properties stay on the market before the sold sign goes up, and how much a seller is willing to give up in the negotiation process. Our current real estate market in the Victoria, Mill Bay, Cobble Hill, and Shawnigan Lake areas is described as a balanced market because there is an ample inventory of listed properties and negotiations which do not favour the buyer or the seller. In this market prices are not rising or falling significantly. Combined with incredibly low interest rates, the time to buy a home will not get better for buyers in the Victoria real estate market.

When your heart confirms your research, that this home is the one for you, the final chapter of the property purchase begins.

At this time, my job as a realtor is to write an offer following your instructions and best interests. The objective is to buy the most valuable property for the least amount of money. The offer must be written to be legally binding but protecting the interests of the buyer. An offer is usually accepted conditionally at first, with the conditions benefiting the buyer. These clauses will provide for a building and property inspection, a title search, receiving and approving strata documentation if applicable, and confirmation of mortgage availability. When the buyer is totally satisfied with this thorough examination of the home and contract, conditions are removed from the contract. At this point, in real estate law in Victoria and British Columbia, the buyer becomes a proud new home owner and can start packing.

This process of buying a home in the communities of Victoria, Mill Bay, Cobble Hill, and Shawnigan Lake can be achieved without undue stress when dealing with trusted competent professionals. When these experienced mortgage brokers, lawyers, home inspectors, and trades people are involved in your home purchase, your sleep patterns will improve. Phone or email me today to invest in one of the best locations in the world for real estate investment.